Sr Products Engineer (Components and Units)

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Post Date: 07/11/2018 Job ID: 79861 Industry: Engineering
  • Job Summary
    This job is to oversee, direct, organize, integrate, manage and provide portfolio management of the complete catalogue of products that  currently (or in the near-future) will  fly aboard at least one of its spacecraft.
  • For the purposes of this position, a "Spacecraft Product" could include, but would not be limited to, any of the following types of items that would or could be considered a "unit" or "box" on the spacecraft.  As such it would be the highest-level of assembly that is self-contained in a single package and perform a singular set of integrated and related functions:  Flight Computers, Mission Computers, Crypto-Graphic Units, Star-Trackers, CMGs, Reaction-Wheels, TT&C software defined radios,  Mission-Download software defined radios, Inertial Measurement/Rate Units, Magnetometers, Batteries, Battery Controllers, Circuit Controllers, Omni Antennas, Directional Antennas, Diplexers, Power-Amps for software defined radios, Torque Coils, Structural Honeycomb Panels, Structural Frames, Structural Custom Fittings and Brackets, GPS receivers, GPS antennas, GPS transmitters, Sun Sensors, Solar-Arrays,  Solar-Wing Positioning Mechanisms, Hold-Down Release Mechanisms, Inter-Satellite Cross Link Radios/Antennas, Thermocouples, Thermostats, Heat-Sinks, Thermistors, Patch-heaters, Zone-heaters, Deployment Cameras, Launch-Vehicle Interface Adapter Mechanisms, Deployment Timer Circuits, Harness Back-Planes,  RF Coax-Cables, Self-Contained Propulsion System Modules (e.G. HYDROS), etc.
  • The types of Spacecraft Product attributes that need to be managed with expert leadership and direction at a company level are as follows:  
  • Recurring:  1) Cost, 2) Lead-Time / Schedule, 3) Materials, Parts, Process, BoM info (Parts Obsolescence, etc.), 4) Discrepancy Reports (DRs), 5) Qualified Suppliers, 6) Order Status & Delivery Forecasts at a serial number level-of-detail on existing orders for programs - Both Engineering Units (Flat-Sat, Prototypes, Qualification  Units) and Flight Units (Destined for Space Launch)
  • Non-Recurring:  1) Development Cost, 2) Inception to Qualification / Schedule, 3) Updated Performance Specifications & Capabilities
  • Up to Date Accompanying Spacecraft Product Information:  a) Part Number, b) Qualified Levels: Vibe, Shock, EMI/EMC, Radiation, TVAC, TC, c) ICD Mechanical, d) ICD Electrical, e) ICD Thermal, f) ICD Data/Bus/SW Protocol
  • The Senior Spacecraft Products Engineer would be accountable to the Company Chief Engineer and be responsible for providing authoritative and up-to-date and accurate information for proposal and program planning in all facets of the Millennium business that need to leverage the previously defined spacecraft product information for planning and executing Millennium Spacecraft Programs.   The Director of Spacecraft Products would maintain authority and direction over any Millennium Product Point Of Contact (POC) that is serving as the REA or focal for an established/qualified Millennium Product that has been deemed to be "beyond development" stage.  During the development phase of an internally-developed Millennium Product, the Senior Spacecraft Products Engineer will work with and defer directive authority to the Millennium Director of Product Development for those POC's working development products.

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